Learn to Build a Website-by yourself.


Save money. DIY.

A one on one screen-share training.  Forget paying someone else to work on your website in the future. 


Make it beautiful.

Build your own website.

What's Included?

-Receive a 20% discount code on your first year of hosting.  Yes that's correct.  Save money. DIY. (If you decide you don't want to build your own website afterwards, you are not obligated to use the coupon whatsoever).

-Take a two hour screen-share tutorial where you will be walked through the process of building a website while seeing it unfold in front of your eyes.  Led by an experienced expert. 

-You will receive pre-training materials to use for the build and a document on how to plan an outline for your website.

-Learn to add text, images, background content, blog and even start your own ecommerce store.  

Classes available online or in person in the SF Bay Area.  Contact for training appointments.


Cost: $300

* The workshop fee is for instruction via Squarespace’s free trial. The cost of website hosting is not included.  In the event that you decide you would like to keep your website, you may use your 20% discount coupon towards hosting.